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The new Web-based Patient Portal developed by eClinicalWorks lets patients and doctors
communicate easily, safely, and securely over the Internet.  We have added this as a service in
February, 2007.  This will allow patients to request appointments and prescription refills online, as
well as access their own test results over a secure system.

To use this service, patients will need to register and obtain a user name and password.  For
further information about this service, please contact the office at 847-756-7360.

If you have been given a user name and password you may go directly to the login screen by
clicking here on
Patient Portal Login.  Alternatively, you may direct your browser to the following
website address:

**Please note the Patient Portal is for NON-URGENT communication only!

For information to help you understand your test results, see the
Patient Info page of this website.
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